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Judgement Takeover

Xbox Series X

Was 270.75SRNow 265.89SR
Was 250.43SRNow 245.79SR
Was 243.99SRNow 241.66SR
Was 150.93SRNow 121.20SR
Was 147.82SRNow 115.59SR
Was 295.79SRNow 212.44SR
Was 171.43SRNow 167.29SR
Was 167.29SRNow 108.74SR
Was 131.28SRNow 118.15SR
Was 175.00SRNow 140.00SR
Was 167.89SRNow 125.92SR
Was 197.19SRNow 177.47SR
Was 99.98SRNow 64.99SR
Was 91.13SRNow 86.57SR
Was 130.04SRNow 84.53SR
Was 239.92SRNow 193.31SR
Was 159.39SRNow 158.91SR

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